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I love talking to kids about the creative process. My presentations focus on where we get our inspiration and what questions we need to ask to develop a story (Who?, Where?, What?, How? and Why?) Kids learn about what steps are involved in creating a book, the importance of revision to the publishing process, and how persistence is necessary to succeed.

My presentations are geared to a variety of ages. Please see below for examples:

preschool-1st grade

Duration: 25 minutes

I talk about how a rainbow reflected on my wall in Boston became a book about a bear traveling the world. We'll read Every Color. Then I will give a quick drawing lesson to show how artists break objects into simple shapes. (with a quick draw along when possible) We'll finish with an interactive game that focuses on creative thinking and I will take questions.

Grades 2-6

Duration: 45 minutes

We all have stories to tell. Each book begins with an inspiration that develops into an idea. But how does an idea become a book? My presentation for older elementary classes begins with a the inspiration for EVERY COLOR. I then explain the how studying Art History taught me the key questions needed to develop a story. (Who, Where? When? How? and Why?) I try to emphasize necessity of persistence and the importance of revision. I finish with either a drawing lesson, interactive game, and questions.

If you are a teacher or librarian and would like me to come to your school for a visit, you can send your request here for more information. Please include information about the school and dates you’re considering.

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